"In this edition of The Platform, we will be examining the unrealized ability in other assets the nation possesses besides oil, which are capable of growth and development and can generate surplus.

The vision behind The Platform is nation building; the tool is public education and enlightenment.

The whole world is reaching for a new economic and political paradigm. In almost every nation there is some form of disquietness with the status quo. Old political blocks are struggling for survival, as it is made clear to them that the consciousness of the people has outgrown where they once were.

The present economic travail in our country can have only one definite outcome; people have to start thinking outside the box.

No nation or state has grown by depending on the external.

To him that has, is more given and to him that says I have not, even that which he has is taken away from him.

Development has always come by finding capital in places that people once overlooked, and drawing resources out of those things.

At The Platform Abuja, we will examine some areas where capital lies, but in “dead” form, and seek to awaken in our hearts our ability to produce surplus from within.