Why we do The Platform?

Over the years, many people have asked me why we do The Platform. A good number of people thought maybe there was an underlying political motive. Let me state categorically; there wasn't then and there isn’t any now.

The Platform is not a believer’s meeting neither is it primarily an evangelistic tool to get people born-again though it may serve that purpose in some unconventional ways that results in the individual being reborn. The Platform simply has the prophetic function of preservation.

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The Platform Nigeria simply has the prophetic function of preservation.

– Pastor Poju Oyemade
Visionary, The Platform Nigeria

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A Global Media Event

The Platform Nigeria is a Global Media Event that will be broadcast LIVE on Channels TV and online. If you believe that someone in your network would benefit from the information that will be shared, then join us in spreading the word.

Event Access

Event Access

As is the practice, The Platform Nigeria will be a FREE event which means you can gain access to all the sessions at no cost to you. You will however need to register to indicate your interest in attending the event.



You can lend your voice to the conversation on social media using the official hashtag for the event. If you have questions for any of the speakers, you can send them in to the media team using the hashtag as well.

The Platform Nigeria The Platform Nigeria The Platform Nigeria