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Re-mapping Nigeria

Today we stand at a very critical place in the history of our country Nigeria.For the first time one can feel among the thinking and educated class of Nigeria a certain level of discontent with the way things are. Some ask, with all the bloodletting and corruption seemingly rampant in every strata of society, “ is the project called Nigeria viable or worth it”?

Yet outside that environment hearing the thoughts and the voice from certain centers of power on the global level it is clear that the geographical space is loaded with potential. It is recognized as a powerhouse with possibilities and potentials crippled only by the fangs of corruption.

Those who see the territory according to the pre-colonial and pre-independence design have always fostered the voice of division in this country. Is there a new way in which this space can be mapped outside the past?

The question we ask is, does this space carry within it massive potentials if the people can be bound by the possibilities of the future and not the divisions of the past?

If Nigeria can be clearly defined by what can be made possible not just for us but for the entire black race and the world at large if the project succeeds, can it spur people to action?

Can an identity be created for the country, a vision of the future that can create that shift in mindset?

There is clearly travail in the hearts of people to be delivered from the bondage of corruption that has held down the entrepreneurial spirit and talents of the people. The core of the country is the target of Platform 10.1. Let us clearly define its potential in the new global economy and address its principal enemy, which is not religion nor tribe but corruption.

Welcome to the Platform.

Poju Oyemade
Visionary, The Platform

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