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For an individual to fulfill their potential, they must have access to relevant education and also at least an economic opportunity in their lifetime.

Equal outcomes can never be guaranteed but equal opportunities we can strive to create. Most of the resources spent in a benevolent way sometimes is just plain emotional not strategic. We recognize that there are individuals who will drive the engine of economic growth in a society if given the opportunity to excel.

The Platform Internship Programme has people like this in sight. We are creating an opportunity for individuals to gain exposure, skill and to build relationships to leverage on for growth. We intend to broaden the gateway of access to productive practices in the right environment.

To this end, we are creating a platform for young Nigerians to go through some form of internship with organisations that can add value to their lives. Organisations in countries like Nigeria, India, China, Brazil and South Africa in areas of I.T., Agriculture, Medicine etc.

Who Is an Intern?

We have defined The Intern as an individual either male or female, with a personal vision/project/assignment (with a clear and actionable plan and required resources for execution) that will visibly result in personal advancement and positively impact his/her immediate environment or Nigeria at large but, who lacks or requires more of the requisite technical skills and knowledge to succeed in such an endeavour.

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