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Nigeria at 50 – Stirring the Intellectual Grasssroots of the Nation [October, 2010]

Nigeria is ripe and ready for a change and I’m sure you agree there’s no better time for it than now. Amidst the bother, the hustle and bustle, somethings must never be forgotten and we all must play our part to ensure the birth of Change within Nigeria.

We begin to lose confidence in ourselves and we often resign ourselves to the idea that we have failed and nothing can be done about it

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Thinking Out of The Box [May, 2011]

Many times the solution to our problems results from the use of our conscious mind, but every now and then when the solution is not forthcoming, we become exhausted with continual trying.

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Enterprise & Governance | The Bull & The Ballot Box [October, 2011]

The New order in the world is gradually giving birth to an era of value oriented individuals. When we speak of value oriented intellectuals, we mean those who seek to use their intellectual prowess to establish certain values in our society.

They have used their intelligence to succeed to a high degree in the world of commerce and in their careers but somewhere deep on the inside, they aren’t fulfilled with all the material things that surround them.

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Cultural Innovation [May, 2012]

The concept behind Cultural innovation is best captured by Katherine Gerould when she said “Originality usually amounts only to plagiarizing something unfamiliar”.

There really has been only a certain amount of ideas that have really worked throughout human existence whether it is in Business, Governance or Family.

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