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Lawrence Watkins is one of America's leading entrepreneurship and personal achievement experts. He is the founder of Great Black Speakers, Great Pro Speakers, and co-founder of Ujamaa

Lawrence Watkins is one of America’s leading entrepreneurship and personal achievement experts. His journey has taken him from an ultra-underachiever in high school to a graduate of an Ivy League business school as well as the founder of Great Black Speakers (which is committed to providing excellence, reliability, and an elevated measure of integrity on a daily basis), Great Pro Speakers, and co-founder of ‘Ujamaa’ (of Swahili origin that has come to signify the notion of co-operative economics) deals.

Watkins is a graduate of both the University of Louisville and Cornell. While studying in Louisville he was awarded a full scholarship to major in Electrical Engineering. After graduating from college in 2006, Lawrence stepped out on a limb and turned down job offers from two Fortune 50 companies to help grow the speaking career of his older brother, Dr. Boyce Watkins.

This turned out to be one of the best decisions of his life as he was able to follow his passion for entrepreneurship. Immediately, Lawrence experienced success booking Dr. Watkins for speaking engagements. Building on this success, Great Black Speakers was born in January of 2007 and has grown from a roster of 12 speakers to one that includes over 200 of the best and well known speakers in the nation. Starting the company wasn’t an easy feat as Lawrence experienced entrepreneurial growing pains and almost bankrupted the company within the first six months of starting it. After learning from this experience, his pain soon turned into pleasure as Lawrence continued to successfully grow his company and book speakers for over 200 organizations around the world.

In the Fall of 2008, Lawrence decided to take a break from the day-to-day management of his company. This was when he made a decision to pursue an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Marketing from The Johnson School of Management at Cornell University. After completing his degree in May 2010, Lawrence decided to dedicate his time to growing his speakers’ bureaus and teaching public speakers how to succeed within the industry.

Lawrence Watkins will be speaking at The Haven, Ikeja

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